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Spotlight on Young Children: Exploring Play

Holly Bohart, Kathy Charner, & Derry Koralek, eds.
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Play is an essential part of children's development and learning. Play helps children learn to understand themselves and get along with others, explore their environment, investigate science, math, and literacy, learn about their communities, and much more. The articles in this collection emphasize the importance of play—from infancy through the primary grades, how to support and scaffold children's play, and how to connect play to learning. Also included is a professional development guide with questions and activities. This book is a recent Comprehensive Member Benefit.
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"These articles explain the developmental necessity of enabling children to learn through guided play. Thoughtful teachers are essential partners in this process, providing dynamic environments that encourage the abilities to reason, solve problems, predict, use language and symbols, think creatively, and interact with others. Can early childhood programs be places for play when academic stakes are so high? This book answers with a resounding yes."
— Gretchen Reynolds, Retired Faculty in Early Childhood Education, Algonquin College, Ottawa, ON; coauthor of The Play’s the Thing: Teachers’ Roles in Children’s Play