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The Power of Assessment: Transforming Teaching and Learning

Margo L. Dichtelmiller
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Subject: Assessment
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The Power of Assessment explores the critical role of the assessment cycle in the early childhood classroom. Dispelling the myth of assessment as a daunting or anxiety-inducing task, the author positions assessment as a powerful teaching tool leading to more effective teaching and better outcomes for young children. This resource empowers teachers to effectively foster children’s learning and create positive relationships with children and their families.
This book focuses on the interrelationships among assessment, teaching, and learning, including:

  • questions teachers can ask to initiate and continue the assessment cycle
  • how teachers can collect and organize information about development and learning
  • strategies for helping teachers interpret of assessment data
  • actions teachers can take that will benefit children
  • the importance of communicating with children and families about assessment
  • the role of standardized testing
  • how, during the assessment process, teachers help children become competent learners by guiding them to think about their own learning

From Teaching Strategies.