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Our Inquiry, Our Practice: Undertaking, Supporting, and Learning From Early Childhood Teacher Research(ers)

Gail Perry, Barbara Henderson, & Daniel R. Meier, eds.
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Through teacher research, teachers engage in the systematic study of their own practice to answer questions they have about teaching and learning, and their own effectiveness. This book explores

  • What teacher research in early childhood settings looks like
  • Why it is important to the field of early childhood education 
  • How teacher educators can support it

Including articles from NAEYC’s Voices of Practitioners online journal, Our Inquiry, Our Practice offers a theoretical framework as well as lively accounts of teacher research in action. 


“This book is a milestone in the field, especially as it is designed to be useful and provocative to multiple audiences. . . . Undertaken with the leadership of NAEYC, this book promises to inform and inspire many teachers and teacher educators in the field of early childhood education to find their own ‘ways forward.’ In doing so they will contribute to the improvement of education for all children, as well as lend strength to the broader movement for teacher research as it evolves in the years to come.”
— From the Afterword by Susan L. Lytle, coauthor of Inquiry as Stance: Practitioner Research for the Next Generation