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Experiencing Nature With Young Children: Awakening Delight, Curiosity, and a Sense of Stewardship

Alice Sterling Honig
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There’s a whole world outdoors waiting to embrace young children—with their curiosity, imagination, and enthusiasm—and to impart its treasures. Experiencing Nature With Young Children invites you to explore this world with children from birth to age 8 in ways that will 

  • Awaken their enjoyment and appreciation of nature
  • Nurture their emotional development
  • Enhance their cognitive growth 
  • Spark their creativity
  • Help them discover how we all—people, animals, plants—are connected
  • Engage families and communities in preserving nature

Part ballad to nature, part irresistible invitation to teachers, this book will awaken and renew your own joy in nature—and move you to experience it with young children. 
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"The current educational focus on benchmarks has created learning environments that often sideline exploration and imaginative play. Honig not only reminds us of our responsibility to connect children with nature but also gives us a fabulous guidebook of easy ideas for outdoor experiences that will benefit all children."
— Jennifer Caravello, Language Arts Teacher, Fayette County Public Schools, Lexington, Kentucky