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Developmentally Appropriate Practice: Focus on Infants and Toddlers

Carol Copple, Sue Bredekamp, Derry Koralek, & Kathy Charner, eds.
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Teachers of infants and toddlers can use this resource to learn about developmentally appropriate practice (DAP) so they can apply DAP in their work with infants and toddlers. Filled with information, practical ideas, and inspiration, this is a book that every infant and toddler teacher will want! 
Chapters include:

  • What Is Developmentally Appropriate Practice?
    Key messages of NAEYC’s position statement
  • To Be an Excellent Teacher
    Connecting DAP to excellent teaching
  • Understanding Development of Infants and Toddleres
    Overview of infants' and toddlers’ learning and development
  • Developmentally Appropriate Examples to Consider
    Examples of key DAP practices, as well as contrasting practices that are less likely to serve children well
  • FAQs About Developmentally Appropriate Practice
    Responses to common questions 
  • Young Children Articles
    Nine articles from Young Children that provide examples of applying developmentally appropriate practice when working with infants and toddlers