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DAP Basics Kit

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Professional Development Library
Perfect for programs that are building a professional development library! Use these resources to deepen the understanding and application of developmentally appropriate practice, to focus how to provide high-quality early childhood education to young children, and to explore content areas that are included in a high-quality program. The kit includes

  • Developmentally Appropriate Practice: Focus on Preschoolers
  • Basics of Developmentally Appropriate Practice: An Introduction for Teachers of Children 3 to 6
  • Basics of Assessment: A Primer for Early Childhood Professionals
  • Code of Ethical Conduct brochure packet (25 brochures)
  • Social and Emotional Development: Connecting Science and Practice in Early Childhood Settings
  • Big Body Play: Why Boisterous, Vigorous, and Very Physical Play Is Essential to Children’s Development and Learning
  • Learning to Read and Write: Developmentally Appropriate Practices for Young Children
  • The Young Child and Mathematics (2nd ed.)
  • Ramps & Pathways: A Constructivist Approach to Physics With Young Children
  • The Story in the Picture: Inquiry and Artmaking With Young Children
  • Developmentally Appropriate Practice: A Focus on Intentionality and on Play (DVD-ROM)