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Class Meetings: Young Children Solving Problems Together (Rev. ed.)

Emily Vance
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Written by a teacher for teachers, this practical book offers teachers everything they need to know about what class meetings are, how to get started, and how to adapt the approach to their changing classrooms.  
The focus in this book is on using this part of the classroom day for resolving conflicts, co-constructing problem-solving strategies, and making the classroom a safe, positive environment so that children in preschools, kindergartens, and the primary grades can channel their energy into constructive interactions and learning. The experiences children have in class meetings can help them use problem-solving strategies outside the meetings, enabling them to depend less on adult intervention and use positive language with each other—important stepping-stones on the path to healthy self-esteem and respect for others. 
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"As long as early childhood professionals continue to gather children for the sake of learning, class meetings will be an important topic."
— Karen Cairone, Devereux Center for Resilient Children