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    This set contains 11 laminated, 14"x11" posters. Each poster illustrates one of the ten NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standards. The final poster provides an overview of NAEYC Accreditation. Ideal for accredited programs or those who are working towards accreditation, displaying these posters will show families that your program is committed to providing children with high-quality educational opportunities.

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    Gifts, Academy

    This 3"x3.75" magnet shows your program's support for NAEYC Accreditation as being the Right Choice for Kids.

    The middle pops out as a separate oval-shaped magnet containing information on how to reach NAEYC. Once the middle piece is removed, the magnet becomes a magnet frame perfect for placing school frames on your refrigerator door.

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    A series of four short videos promoting NAEYC Accreditation to various audiences created for program administrators, affiliates and state leaders, facilitation projects and other stakeholders. Video topics communicate the importance of NAEYC Accreditation and the benefits for programs, children, and families.